Oprah’s Favorite Things 2008

October 24, 2008

Oprah’s Favorite New Gadget: Amazon Kindle Reader

Just watching Oprah, and she gave out Amazon’s Kindle to the whole audience. They where in small boxes under their chairs. She has the Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos on her show, the way she is raving about it… typical Oprah style.

What Is The Kindle?

Simply put, it’s an electronice book reader sold by Amazon that allows you to wirelessly download any books you want to read in just 5 minutes for your reading pleasure. You can store up to 400 books and even more if you add an expansion SD card.

Kindle: Amazon’s Wireless Reading Device

Here’s why Oprah loves it:

– Kindle Books are cheaper.
– It’s electronic so you save paper.
– Dictionay, when you click define, you instantly get your definition.
– Ask Kindle A Question, you get a human answer in less than 5 minutes.
– Downloads books in less than 60 secs.

She had the audience download books during the break. You can download background music and audio books too. If you loose your Kindle you can redownload them anytime you want from the backup at Amazon.com.

Top 10 Kindle Books On Oprah’s Kindle Homepage…

1. Ageless: Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones – Suzanne Somers Buy Now

2. The Alchemist – 10th Aniversary – Paulo Coelho Buy Now

3. The Audacity Of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream – Barack Obama Buy Now

4. The Book Theif – Markus Zusak Buy Now

5. Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness – Suzanne Somers Buy Now

6. Crack the Fat-Loss Code – Wendy Chant Buy Now

7. The Field – Lynne McTaggart – Buy Now

8. The Forever War – Dexter Filkins – Buy Now

9. Kindle User’s Guide – Amazon.com –

10. The Measure Of A Man – Sidney Poitier – Buy Now

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